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Summer Camp

Between June 26 and September 1, 2023 we are offering an exciting Summer Camp!

You are able to book full weeks of camp (works out to be $60/day), or you can also book daily camps ($65/day), we also have half day options available.

Full Day Full Week Camp: $300.00

Full Day Daily Camp: $65.00

Half Day Full Week Camp: $175.00

Half Day Daily Camp: $40.00


Pre/Post Care: $10.00/day

Multiple camp days are subject to $45.00 Gymnastics Ontario Insurance and Administration Fee.

Only intending to sign up for a single event? Call us!

More than half the day is spent on gymnastics apparatus such as bars, vault, beam, trampoline and floor. Children will learn skills at their individual level and pace under the supervision of our enthusiastic and certified coaches. Depending on the theme of the day, children will have the opportunity to explore various other activities.

Please sign up for pre and post care in advance. You will be able to register for this when you register for camp online, or over the phone.

We ask that you please fill out the waiver form and general health form bring it in on the day of camp. All forms will need to be filled out and signed before the child can participate in the camp.

Pick Up:

You will let us know who is allowed to pick up your child and they will be asked to present their identification.  We ask for your patience as we get to know who you are and the other family members. We only have your child’s safety in mind.  We would appreciate advanced communication of any planned late arrivals or early departures as well.  

Weekly Themes!

Week 1 - Circus Week!
Week 2 - Disney Week!
Week 3 - Super Hero Week!
Week 4 - Cheer/Dance Week!
Week 5 - Ninjas Week!
Week 6 - Olympics Week!
Week 7 - Mission Impossible Week!
Week 8 - Outer Space Week!
Week 9 - Under the Sea Week!
Week 10 - Disco Week!

Weekly Crafts and Activities


Summer Camp Hours

Full Day Hours:

Half Day Hours:

Pre Care:

Post Care:

9:00am – 4:00pm

9:00am – 12:00pm
8:00am – 9:00am
4:00pm – 5:00pm

Generic Camp Day Schedule














Camp Pre Care (Drawing, colouring, puzzles, TV)

Warm up games, Stretch, Divide into Groups

Gymnastics Rotations

Healthy Snack (Provided by the Parents)

Creative activity

Lunch (Provided by the Parents)


Theme Activity

Healthy Snack (Provided by the Parents)

Gymnastics Rotations

Cool down game

Pick Up (Please let us know in advance if you need to pick up earlier)

Camp Post Care (Drawing, colouring, puzzles, TV)

What to Bring

  • A water bottle

  • A lunch and 2 snacks (nut free - if it’s homemade please provide a note saying it is nut free)

  • A change of clothes in case of spills, mess, or accidents

  • Comfortable clothing that is suitable for physical activity

  • Hair elastics, as needed (long hair must be tied back)

  • If your child is participating in Pre/Post Care you can let them bring something to occupy themselves, like a book or other quiet games. 

Daily Themes!

Camp Slider Craft Day.jpg
Camp Slider Water Wednesday.jpg
Camp Slider Movie Thursday.jpg
Camp Slider Dance Day.jpg
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