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Recreational Gymnastics

Recreational gymnastics offers a variety of challenging, yet fun, ways for kids and adults to move. Classes are offered for all levels and ages to assure participants progress at their own pace. Basic gymnastics skills on all apparatus provide a strong base of functional movements that enhances strength, flexibility and coordination. Our programs assure progressive movement and develop self-confidence. All ages can appreciate the benefits and rewards of gymnastics.

Kanata GymnoSphere has three different Sphere levels. Each badge achieved at the end of each session determines what level the athlete is at. Our Sphere classes are gender specific for girls and boys.

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Sphere 1

6-8 year olds

9-12 year olds

11+ year olds

Sphere1 incorporates CanGym Burgundy, Red and Tan.
This class is a great introduction to the excitement and thrill of gymnastics! Children will learn skills on the floor, vault, balance beam, bars, trampolines and rings while developing their strength, coordination, fitness and flexibility.

1.5 hours per week

Sphere 2

7-8 year olds

9+ year olds

Sphere2 classes include the skills from the CanGym badges Bronze and Purple. Athletes are ready for this class when they have achieved strong basic skills on all apparatus including handstands, casts on bars and solid beat board skills for vault.

1.5 hours per week

Sphere 3

7-8 year olds

9+ year olds

Sphere3 classes include the skills from the CanGym badges Blue to Gold. Athletes are ready for this class when they have achieved walkovers on the floor, flatback handspring vault, pullover and swings on bars and basic dance on beam. Introductory competitive and fun routines will be incorporated into the class.

2 hours per week

Kanata GymnoSphere Recreational Badges

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Badge 2.jpg
Badge 3.jpg
Badge 4.jpg
Badge 5.jpg
Badge 6.jpg
Badge 7.jpg
Badge 8.jpg
Badge 9.jpg
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