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Zoom Birthday Parties

Looking for a safe and fun way to celebrate your childs birthday? 


Kanata GymnoSphere is now hosting Zoom Birthday Parties to help you celebrate your childs birthday in a safe enviroment! Zoom Birthday Parties are a safe, fun activity that you can throw for your child and their friends to celebrate them on their special day! Email Debbie, at if you have a specific theme in mind and to let her know if you would like to have a Gymnastics or Mini Ninja’s Zoom Birthday!


Registration available now through Amilia! 

Saturday 1:00-1:45pm: 45mins: 6-8 participants $100.00

Saturday 2:00-2:30pm: 30mins: 3-5 participants $60.00

Our in gym  birthday parties are currently not running due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Further information will be posted once we are ready to celebrate again with all of you!

A paper copy waiver is required to be filled in by every guest, for each party and submitted in the gym, along with the guest list. A $10.00 credit will be added to each guest's account.

Birthday Parties

Celebrate your birthday at Kanata GymnoSphere!

Each party consists of 70 minutes in the gym and 50 minutes in our decorated party room.

Your gym time will include a warm-up game and gymnastics fun on the balance beams, trampolines, floor and foam pit, instructed by a certified coach!

Your party room will be set up with table covers, napkins, paper plates, and forks. The party room is well equipped with a fridge and freezer for storing any food you have brought, as well as a microwave. There is also plenty of counter space and seating for children and adults.


To book your party and reserve your preferred time slot you can pay online, person, or call us at (613) 518-1128.


If you have any questions or special requests, please contact Please note we cannot do registrations through the parties email. Please call our office or book online to reserve a birthday party at Gymnosphere!

*Party times can only be reserved with full payment

We recommend booking your party at least 3 weeks in advance. If your party is cancelled at least 2 weeks in advance of your party, you will receive a refund, minus $35.00. Parties are only confirmed with payment! We cannot take reservations.

Party Packages


Party of 8


You may pay $10 per child for up to 2 additional guests for a total of 10 guests

Party of 16


You may pay $10 per child for up to 2 additional guests for a total of 18 guests

Party of 25


You may pay $10 per child for up to 2 additional guests for a total of 27 guests

We have three different Party Packages to choose from. The packages are based one the amount of participants including the

birthday child.

Add On's

You may bring any of your own nut free cake and food.

We also offer pizza and juice options for your convince. Please pre order 3 days prior the time of your party.

Pizza: $20/ X-large pizza (12 slices) Cheese or Pepperoni

Juice: $10/ 10 juice boxes (Apple Juice or Fruit Punch)

Helper in the room: $30/ 50 minutes (A coach will help you with everything needed while the guests are in the party room)

Parkour Party: $25/ 70 minutes (A specialized Parkour coach will participate in the Party)

COVID-19 Protocols

At the guidance of Public Health and Gymnastics Ontario we have put in place safety measures and cleaning protocols to enhance and ensure the safety of all your party guests and staff. 

  • 2 extra hand washing stations have been placed around the gym to ensure kids are keeping proper hand hygiene and are not waiting in lines for the bathroom sinks.

  • Physical distance markers have been placed throughout the gym to indicate where kids can walk and where they can stand while waiting for activities.

  • We have cut down on the amount of parties per day, to allow for more cleaning time and less traffic in the gym. Within the parties we will manage all children using physical distancing protocols.

  • Party times have been staggered to reduce the amount of traffic in and around the party rooms.

  • Drop off will be done outside of the building and parents will not be allowed in the gym for any reason. Pick up will be inside however we ask you to line up 

  • Prior to your arrival, please visit our website and fill out the COVID-19 screening form, this form needs to be completed by every participant.

  • Each party has their designated party room to keep all belongings. 

  • The kids will wash their hands before and after every, before they eat and at the beginning and end of the party.

  • Bathrooms will be managed carefully, limited number children will be allowed in at one time.

  • All staff will be wearing face masks/shields and gloves to better the safety of the athletes. 

  • All party participants and parents must also wear a mask into the gym, unless a pre-determined health condition prevents them from doing so (asthma, etc.) They will not be required to wear their mask while participating in physical activity.

Party Schedule

We offer may different party times though out the weekend.

Saturday (Parties up to 16 guests):





(Due to the room size, the times noted above may accommodate up to 16 guests, subject to additional charges applicable for parties with more than 8 participants)






Due to the room size, the times noted above may accommodate up to 16 guests, subject to additional charges applicable for parties with more than 8 participants)


All party upgrades from 8 guests to more must be done a minimum of 3 days prior to the party.

Please click below to see our most up to date schedule or to reserve a time slot.

Birthday Party Welcome Package

Once your party is booked please come to the gym to pick up your Birthday Party Welcome Package. This package will include:

  • Important details about your party

  • Party invitations

  • GymnoSphere coupons for your guests

  • Guest List for you to complete

  • T-Shirt for the birthday child

  • Waiver forms for your guests to complete and bring on the day of the party

Please be sure to pick up your Birthday Party Welcome Package at least 2 weeks in advance of your party. Once the package has been picked up your birthday party can no longer be cancelled.


Acknowledgement of the rules for Parties

Thanks for submitting!

Important information about the Party

Dear Party Participants,


Thank you for choosing Kanata GymnoSphere for your birthday party! 

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to host the party for your little one(s). 

In the notes below we have summarized a few important information points in preparation for the party.

Arrival time to the party:

All participants (guests and party member) are kindly requested to arrive no more than 15 minutes before your party begins!

Guest List:

Kanata GymnoSphere requires a Guest List for all parties. 

Kindly please fill out the Guest List provided in your Birthday Party Welcome Package and bring it with you on the day of your party. Alternatively you may fill it on the day of the party and combine it with all the participant's waivers in a ziplock bag provided to you by the party greeter. 


Kanata GymnoSphere requires that all guests fill out a paper waiver form, regardless of whether they have filled out one before. This will enable Kanata Gymnosphere to place a $10 credit on the account of all guests that may be used for any future registrations with one of our programs. The paper waivers are provided in the Birthday Party Welcome Package and are required to be brought by all participants on the day of the party. 

Parents in the gym:

All children under 3 years of age require direct adult supervision. 

For safety reasons, parents of guests older than 3 years old are not allowed in the gym. 

Should the parents of guests over the age of 3 years old wish to stay, they may view the party from the lobby.

Recommended gymnastics attire:

We know kids love to dress up for their party. As we will be engaging in a lot of physical activities during the party, we strongly recommend that all the participating guests come dressed in clothing conducive to athletic movements. 

Party participants should wear comfortable athletic clothing and bare feet for the gym portion of the party

Bring your own food to the party of order pizza from us

You may bring your own nut free food and drinks to the party. Alternatively you may order XL Pizza from us for $20/each (Cheese or Pepperoni) as well as Juice boxes (10$ for 10 juice boxes).

Upon your arrival:

A party is always an exciting time of celebration! Everybody is eager to try the equipment. For everyone's safety, it is very important that all guests wait in the viewing area for the instructor to welcome the children into the gym in a structured manner. 



Upon your arrival, please take the time to fill in a Waiver (only required if your child has never participated previously in activities within our club). These Waivers are used to put a $10 credit to each guest account. Waivers must be completed at the gym. 


Party package:

It is our pleasure to welcome you to our parties with a party package including a Kanata GymnoSphere T-shirt, a Kanata GymnoSphere drawstring bag, waivers, a guest list and birthday party invitations.


Items to remember:

This is a kind reminder to remember to bring a cake knife, candles and lighter and/or paper cups or water bottles as needed and/or decorations as desired. These are the items we do not keep in the gym and we are unable to provide 



During the time of your arrival and the arrival of the guests, our instructors will be present to greet you and your guests 15 minutes prior to the party start time, at the front desk, and assist  in bringing the supplies to the party room and ensure all children have waivers signed by their parents/guardians along with the party guest list. Should members and guests arrive earlier than 15 minutes prior to the party start time, everyone is welcome to take a seat and wait in the viewing area.

The party will start on the indicated scheduled time listed the invoice (unless desired to wait for late arriving guests). A schedule reminder is also included in an email sent to members one week in advance to the party.

The party will commence with a warm up game and stretch. Following the warm up game, a multitude of various activities lead by an instructor will entertain the children on beam, trampoline, tumble track, Parkour area, bars, and various other creative circuits. The total gym portion time of the party is 70 minutes.

As a friendly reminder, a parent must accompany all children under the age of 3 years old during the party. Also, if you feel that your child will require your close attention, please do not hesitate to let us know and we will be more than happy to accommodate your presence in the gym to accompany your little one.

At the end of the gym portion of the party, the instructors will gather the party guests in the front area where our washrooms are located in order to wash their hands. Subsequently they will guide you and the children to either the green or the teal party room located at the rear side of the gym. 

We would like to kindly remind you that, for the safety of all our athletes and guests, all guest parents are required to remain in the viewing area located at the front of the gym at all times (unless they are directly helping you in the party room or have a child under 3 years of age).


For the safety of all our members we require that once arrived in the party room all the children remain in the room until the end time allocated. 


Each birthday party is scheduled for 50 minutes in the party room. At the end of this time, our instructors will arrive to assist in cleaning up and start setting up for the next party. As such, we would really appreciate your cooperation in not exceeding the allocated time in the party room. 


Children pick up from the party:

A great variety of activities take place in the gym at all times. For the safety of both guests and parents we require that guests pick up from the parties to be in the front lobby area. If you could please kindly inform the parents of all birthday party participants in advance that children will be ready to be picked up in the viewing area at the indicated time in the chart below would be greatly appreciated. 


Do you wish to upgrade your party?

If you wish to add any upgrades to your party (such as Pizza ($20 each XL), Juice ($5 a pack of 10 juice boxes) or additional participants to the party ($10 each additional guest up to a total of 10 guests or $70 for upgrading your party for 11-16 members) please let us know as soon as possible so we can ensure that we can accommodate and to have everything well planned for your party in advance! It is NOT an option to upgrade on the day of. All upgrades must be done 3 days in advance minimum. This includes parties from 9 to 10. 

Themed parties: Parkour

If you wish to upgrade your party to Parkour with a specialized Parkour Instructor, an additional fee of $25. 

Such upgrade must be done at least one week in advance to the party and is subject to confirmation of Parkour Coach Availability.  


Refunds are available only 2 weeks prior to the birthday party start date, subject to a $35 administration fee. Cancelations within two weeks of the birthday party are eligible for a full credit, subject to a $35 adminstration fee. Cancelation within a week of the birthday party are eligible for 50% credit, subject to $35 administration fee. 

Birthday Party Rules