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Schedule a Trial Class!

We would love for you to try one of our classes then receive one class free! If you have any questions give us a call at (613) 518-1128.

Step 1: Purchase a trial class for the respective course (recreational, kinder gym or other programs)

  • The price of the trial will be equivalent to the cost of one class of the respective course

Step 2: After purchasing the trial class, fill out the Free Trial Class form informing us of which day you would like to attend. Proceed to await confirmation from us either via email or phone call.

Step 3: After you have attended the trial class, come see us at the front desk or give us a call at 613-518-1128 so that we may deduct the cost of one class from the total cost of the class registration. 

Please note: One free trial class per athlete

Schedule Your Make-Up Class

We understand that sometimes plans may change and classes may get missed. We are happy to accommodate a maximum of one make up class per session. The make up class may be scheduled using the form below.  Make up classes can only be accommodated on the last week of the same session that the class was missed.

Step 1: Visit our website at

Step 2: Review class dates and times  here.

Step 5: Once you have found a class that suits your schedule please fill in the form below prior to your scheduled visit.

Step 5: Upon receiving the form, we will review the date and time chosen in order to confirm the availability. If the class time chosen does not have availability we will provide you with alternative options. A confirmation email will be sent to confirm your makeup class. 

Schedule Your Make-Up Class

Thanks for submitting!

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