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How to Register for the Drop in:

  1. Pay in person $8/cash or $10 Credit card/Debit card 

  2. Click My Account on the right

  3. Pre-register online at

*If you would like to use the credit on your account for a drop in, you may only do so by pre-registering in advance.

Register in Person, or pre-register here:

Your First Drop In Visit

What is a Child Drop in?

  1. During our Fun Supervised Child Drop ins, open for Children ages 0 to 7 yrs old, kids play freely under the supervision of their parents, thoughout the gym.

  2. If you have two children, or more we recommend multiple adults attending the drop in activity to ensure the children's are adequately supervised (in arm's reach)

  3. The children participate either barefoot or with socks (we do recommend barefoot as it helps with the grip adherence on our slippery surfaces however this is solely a recommendation and we leave at the discretion of the parent as a best judgement choice)

  4. There may be times when other activities may take place in the gym, and we will ask respectfully that the barriers to be respected.

  5. Child drop in is a non instructional activity and rely on the parents to ensure the safety of the children and to keep good care of the equipment.

  6. Attire: we recommend either shorts or leggings and a T-shirt

  7. During work out we ask all our athletes to be mindful of other athletes training or playing around to avoid injuries.

  8. We truly rely on parents to actively supervise the little ones especially on high and slippery surfaces (beams, Parkour wall) 

  9. The rule of only one person on the trampoline is extremely important!


Prior to your first visit to the drop in please create a profile in Amilia

How to create an account:

  1. Click Here

  2. Click My Account on the right

  3. Click on Create an Account

  4. Enter you email and choose a password

  5. You will be sent and email to validate you account, click the link sent to you

  6. The forth tab on the right is Members (should open automatically)

  7. Click add a person

  8. Complete the information about yourself

  9. Add your address, and your contact information (click save)

  10. Click Add a person

  11. Add your childs information (click save)

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