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Subbing Request Form

Dear Management Team,

Please receive this as a request for time off for the date mentioned in the chart below. The reason for the request is: 

*Same Form for each employee is to be used during the length of an entire Session

*Request Date must be at least one week prior to the shift Date.

*Lesson Plan must be sent to and the sub prior to the formal request.
Sending lessons is mandatory to have the subbing request approved.

My subs are available and ready to take the shift, as soon as it is approved. My requested time off and the proposed subs are included in Annex A:

I confirm and understand: 

  1. My sub(s) had/have been provided with feedback on the class and had/have been requested to introduce himself/herself to the parents of my class participants as subs for my class, for that respective day.

  2. I understand the shift attendance is a criteriaconsidered in every coach performance evaluation in the following rating system:
    First subbing request (per session) 90%
    Second subbing request (per session): 80%
    Third subbing request (Per session) 70%
    No subbing request submitted - 50%

  3. I am well aware that allocation of the shifts in future session are determined based on the number of the subbing requests, 

  4. I am aware that Bill 47 removed the right of workers to refuse shifts assigned to themwith under the 96 hours’ notice.

  5. I am well aware that that submitting this request does not automatically grant me authorizationto have my classes subbed and that the employer has the right to request me within 96 hours in advance to my shift that I present to my allocated shift in non-emergency situation, according to Bill 47. 

Thanks for submitting!

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