March Break Camp

Complimentary Pre Care 

Warm up games, Stretch, Divide into Groups

Gymnastics Rotations

Healthy Snack (Provided by the Gym)

Theme Activity



Creative Activity/Craft/Movie

Healthy Snack (Provided by the Gym)

Gymnastics Rotations

Organize Routine for Show

End of Day Show 

Pick Up (Please let us know in advance if you need to pick up earlier)

Complimentary Post Care 















March Break Camp Hours

Camp hours:

Pre Care:

Post Care:

Extended Care:

9:00am – 4:00pm
8:00am – 9:00am
4:00pm – 5:00pm
5:00pm – 5:30pm

Please sign up for pre and post care in advance. You will be able to register for this when you register for camp online, over the phone, or in person in advance of the camp day.

We ask that you please fill out the waiver form and the general health form and bring it in on the day of camp. Both forms will need to be filled out and signed before the child can participate in the camp.

Generic Camp Day Schedule

Complimentary Features

FREE Healthy Snacks! (fruit, yogurt, cheese, juice)

FREE T-shirt (for full week campers!)

FREE Pre and Post Care!

March Break Camp Themes and Prices

Forts and Castles March 11, 2019 $60.00

Come and help build a gigantic castle in the gym and get ready to defend it by swinging on ropes, jumping on trampolines, and climbing over tall obstacles!

Full Week: March 11 - 15, 2019 $275.00


Multiple camp days are subject to $35 Gymnastics Ontario Insurance and Administration Fee.

Only intending to sign up for a single event? Call us!

Amazing Race March 12, 2019 $60.00

Get ready to race with your fellow campers through a giant obstacle course around the gym! Then increase your conditioning with a race challenge across our rock climbing wall.

Animal Planet March 13, 2019 $60.00

Come join the GymnoSphere Animal Planet where you can be any animal you imagine! Practice your swinging as a monkey on the bars, or pretend to be a lion as you climb the parkour wall!  

Cheer and Dance March 14, 2019 $60.00

Learn an incredible Cheer/Dance routine from our amazing coaches and get ready to showcase your moves to your family and friends at the end of the day!

Treasure Hunt March 15, 2019 $65.00 (Pizza Lunch Included)

Join us for an exciting treasure hunt to find the pot of gold hidden in the gym! Wear green to get some extra luck to find the hidden treasures!

More than half the day is spent on gymnastics apparatus such as bars, vault, beam, trampoline and floor. Children will learn skills at their individual level and pace under the supervision of our enthusiastic and certified coaches. Depending on the theme of the day, children will have the opportunity to explore various other activities.

Daily Games & Activities!

Forts and Castles

Build a giant fort throughout the entire gym!

Amazing Race

Break into teams and compete in competitions across the gym!

Animal Planet

Little Ray's Reptiles is coming to Kanata GymnoSphere!

Cheer and Dance

Stunt and Tumbling clinic! 

Treasure Hunt

Wacky face craft!