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Summer Camp Discounts

Second child:  5% OFF discount

Third Child:   10% OFF discount

Fourth Child: 15% OFF discount


10% OFF each additional week

Sibling discount:




Multiple Week Discount

IMPORTANT: To benefit from this rebate participants must purchase all activities at the same time. Future purchases will not be taken into consideration. 

Discounts listed above may not be combined with other promotions such as 10% early bird or 15% military discounts.

Please take the time before arriving to camp everyday to fill in the COVID-19 screening form, linked above. This allows us to save time and minimize the amount of people coming in and out of the gym. For the safety of our staff and athletes, parents will not be allowed in the gym for any reason. If you wish to pick your child up early please call before you arrive and let us know. If you answer YES to any of the questions please call us to let us know and do not enter the gym.

Summer Camp COVID-19 Policies

Following the advice of Public Health and Gymnastics Ontario, we have implemented numerous protocols and procedures to ensure the health and safety of all athletes and staff. We have implemented the following protocols for all summer camp:

  • 2 extra hand washing stations have been placed around the gym to ensure kids are keeping proper hand hygiene and are not waiting in lines for the bathroom sinks.

  • Physical distance markers have been placed throughout the gym to indicate where kids can walk and where they can stand while waiting for activities.

  • We have limited our camp numbers to a maximum 35 kids and 7 kids per coach. Siblings will be in the same group to minimize the mixing of cohorts. Within the groups we will manage all children using physical distancing protocols.

  • Children will be kept in cohorts with their coach for the duration of the week.

  • Lunches and snacks have been staggered to reduce the amount of traffic in the lunch room.

  • Pick up and Drop off will be done outside of the building and parents will not be allowed in the gym for any reason. If you wish to pick up early, please let us know at drop off and call us once you arrive at the gym in the afternoon. (613) 518-1128

  • Prior to your arrival, please visit our website and fill out the COVID-19 screening form, this needs to be completed every day before camp, as stated by Public Health.

  • Each camper has a cubby with their name on it for all of their belongings, to ensure kids are only touching their own belongings and not another camper's.

  • The kids will wash their hands before and after every station throughout the day, before and after each break time and at the beginning and end of each day.

  • Bathrooms will be managed carefully, limited number children will be allowed in at one time.

  • All staff will be wearing face masks/shields and gloves to better the safety of the athletes.

  • All athletes must also wear a mask into the gym, unless a pre-determined health condition prevents them from doing so (asthma, etc.) They will not be required to wear their mask while participating in physical activity.

Summer Camp

More than half the day is spent on gymnastics apparatus such as bars, vault, beam, trampoline and floor. Children will learn skills at their individual level and pace under the supervision of our enthusiastic and certified coaches. Depending on the theme of the week, children will have the opportunity to explore various other activities.

Summer Camp Hours

Full Day Hours:

Half Day Hours:

Pre Care:

Post Care:

9:00am – 4:00pm

9:00am – 12:00pm
8:00am – 9:00am
4:00pm – 5:00pm


Please sign up for pre and post care in advance. You will be able to register for this when you register for camp online, over the phone, or in person in advance of the camp day.

We ask that you please fill out the waiver form and the general health form and bring it in on the day of camp. Both forms will need to be filled out and signed before the child can participate in the camp.

Generic Camp Day Schedule















Pre Care 

Warm up games, Stretch, Divide into Groups

Gymnastics Rotations

Healthy Snack

Theme Activity



Creative Activity/Craft/Movie

Healthy Snack

Gymnastics Rotations

Organize Routine for Show

End of Day Show 

Pick Up (Please let us know in advance if you need to pick up earlier)

Post Care 

Complimentary Features

FREE T-shirt (for full week campers!)

Summer Camp Themes and Prices

Week 1: Bounce-Mania
June 29 - July 3, 2020

Have you ever wanted to touch the sky? Enjoy a fun week with your friends learning new skills and bouncing to new heights on trampoline, tumble track and bouncy castles!


Week 2: Ninja Warrior
July 6 - 10, 2020

Do you ever turn your house into your own personal jungle gym? Come test your strength with fun America Ninja Warrior themed challenges: making it up the parkour wall to practice the warped wall challenge, practising your long jump into the foam pit, and push your upper body strength through our challenging rock wall. A week of turning our gymnastics elements into fun Ninja Warrior style training.


Week 3: Parkour Pirates
July 13 - 17, 2020

Ever wanted to sail the seven seas? High above the clouds, campers will be jumping from rope to rope, scaling large walls and climbing over tall obstacles to get back to the GymnoSphere ship before it sails away! You’ll need to be quick, agile, and brave! We can teach you the skills! Don’t miss the boat! Join in on the Parkour Pirate Voyage. 


Week 4: Dance and Cheer
July 20 - 24, 2020

Gymnastics and tumbling are important components in dance routines and Cheerleading. See our athletes “Bring It On” with this Cheer-tas-tic adventure! Our athletes will make their own creative routines and have a laser dance party to practice their moves for the big show at the end of the week! Give me an F! Give me a U! Give me an N! What’s that spell? All the F-U-N you’ll be having at this week’s gymnastics camp!


Week 5: Jungle Safari
July 27 - 31, 2020

Leaping Lizards! Bring your imagination to our spectacular gym safari. Tumble fast like cheetahs, swing like monkeys and climb like bears.

Week 6: Splish Splash
August 4 - 7, 2020

This week will focus on our favourite activities to keep us cool: water balloons toss, sponge relay, liquid limbo and wave surfing on our balance beam. Bring your swimsuit, towel and sunscreen, as we’ll find plenty of ways to beat the summer heat.


Week 7: Survivor Week
August 10 - 14, 2020

Enjoy wacky games and challenges with your tribe: build your own shelter and paint your tribe flag. A mix of team building games, puzzles, and obstacle courses will make your week a fun survivor experience.


Week 8: Parkour Circus
August 12 - 16, 2020

IT’S A CIRCUS ALL WEEK LONG! Our camp will provide training for various circus activities including juggling, mime, trampoline, face painting and more. Spend the week learning a multitude of circus acts and/or parkour and will perform a gymnastics show for family and friends! 


Week 9: Obstacle Course

August 24 - 28, 2020 $260.00

Work through giant obstacle courses throughout the gym! Come join this fun and challenging week while we turn basic gymnastic elements into different races, competitions, and games.


Week 10: Parkour Finale, Tricking Stunts and Trampoline Heights

August 31 - September 4, 2020 $260.00 

Enjoy the end of summer with daring skills, jumps and tricks on trampoline, parkour wall, spring floor and various challenging obstacles. Fusing trampoline, parkour and tricking stunts into a freestyle program to enhance your training with our highly qualified parkour coaches!

Summer Camp Information

Welcome to Kanata GymnoSphere Camp.  We have planned a fun filled day of activities focused mostly on learning new gymnastics skills.  

The benefits of gymnastics are many and with a concentrated amount of time spent on the gymnastics equipment the achievements will be many—and fun too!


What to Bring:

  • Comfortable clothing (i.e.: bodysuit, shorts, tight fitting t-shirt),

  • Hair elastics, as needed (long hair must be tied back)

  • An extra set of clothes—just in case!

  • Lunch—nuts free (if it’s homemade please provide a note saying it is nut free),

  • Snack –if you have a particular eater.  

  • If your child is participating in Pre/Post Care you can let them bring something to occupy themselves, like a book or other quiet games. 


What NOT to bring:

  • Jewelry and Money

  • Electronic devices

  • Toys that they are not willing to share with others


Drop Off and Pick Up:

You will let us know who is allowed to pick up your child and they will be asked to present their identification.  We ask for your patience as we get to know who you are and the other family members. We only have your child’s safety in mind.  We would appreciate advanced communication of any planned late arrivals or early departures as well.  


Pick up takes place at 4 pm in the viewing area. If you need to pick up your child earlier than 4 pm please let us know in advance.


Camp Hours and Pre and Post Care Hours:

The camp day is from 9 to 4pm.  Pre care is available from 8 to 9am and post care from 4 to 5:00pm for $5/day.


If you need time beyond this please let us know so we may be prepared for your early arrival or late departure. Also just a reminder, if you need the use of pre and post care please register ahead of time. This hour before and after camp is not more time in the gym but quiet time in the viewing area waiting for the camp to start at 9am or for pick after 4pm.




Snack breaks are served around 10:15 am and 2 pm. Children are required to bring two snacks a day and one lunch.

These are required to be nut free!

Looking forward to a lovely experience at Kanata GymnoSphere!

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