1. Select a coach you would like to have privates with by reading the biographies.
2. Once you have selected a coach, you are able to look at each coaches availability and register in our registration system, Amilia.
*Make sure to book your private for at least 24 hours before the beginning of the class.
3. Bring a copy of your reciept with you to the time of your private.
private classes fees

Payment is required at the time of booking, however, classes may be rescheduled without penalty with goal. Please assure you have reviewed the fee schedule.

individual private class fees

$50.00/1 hour private

$30.00/Special Needs 30 minute private

semi-private class fees

$40.00/1 hour semi-private



More Information

Payment is required at the time of booking. Please bring your reciept at the time of your private.

If you are unsure of which coach to choose please call the office at (613) 518-1128 or fill out a Private Request Form below.


Special Needs and Recreational Gymnastics
Marilyn has vast experience in coaching special needs
programs. She helps participants gain overall strength and balance, and works towards getting them ready for a class setting. Marilyn is an example of patience, while being very energetic. Her huge imagination helps her relate to the beginner and Kindergym athletes.

Advanced Recreational, Tumbling, Trampoline
Jordan is a former competitive gymnast with her level 2 NCCP artistic gymnastics and level 1 NCCP trampoline qualifications. Her expertise in human movement and development were obtained through her degree in human kinetics and Masters in physiotherapy. She is a passionate coach that enjoys putting the ‘fun’ into gymnastics.

Tumbling and Competitive Gymnastics

Fiodor graduated from the National University of Physical Education and Sports in Bucharest, Romania where he specialized in gymnastics. Fiodor is training athletes fi’om pre-competitive levels up to Level 10. Fiodor is charismatic, patient, knowledgable and his expertise is quickly being recognized within the gymnastics community.

Tricking and Parkour

Sheldon has two years of self taught Parkour experience followed by 5 years of Martial arts Tricking. Through his training he learned various ways to perfect each stunt. Sheldon loves to expand athletes current abilities and help them further their development.


Private Classes Request Form

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