Want to come to an amazing, active and unforgettable FIELD TRIP experience?
Our group visits are perfect for school, activity, and social groups. For kids of any age and any skill level. Enhance their coordination and cognitive skills through fun and engaging activities, games, and circuits.
What an AWESOME way to enjoy your group outing with your friends & classmates!

20+ Children
$6.60 per child (1 hour)
$9.90 per child (1.5 hours)
$13.20 per child (2 hours)
$19.80 per child (3 hours)
$26.40 per child (4 hours)

10-19 Children
$11.00 per child (1 hour)
$13.20 per child (per 1.5 hours)
$22.00 per child (2 hours)
$33.00 per child (3 hours)
$44.00 per child (4 hours)

We do not accept any group visits under 10 children. A party might be right for you!


Group visits are available weekdays between 10:00am and 3:00pm.

Please try to ensure we receive two weeks notice for your group visit as coaches availability for morning/afternoon is limited.

We would be happy to try to accommodate your needs the best we can!


Contact us for more information regarding group visits & what we can do to accommodate your next group adventure!:


A Creative Drop In Set Up Every Day:

We create various circuits each day of the drop in to keep the children entertained. Come enjoy our in-ground trampoline, 40 ft long tumble truck, climbing ropes above the foam pit, balance beam, bars, fun coaches and lots more!


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